International Women’s Day 2012

February 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

IWD is getting closer, and I’m on the Sydney organising committee for the community event for the second year running. Since last year was the 100th Anniversary, this year the focus is on new faces of feminism. All the speakers and performers will be under 21 years old.

The excellent Eva Cox and I have written the leaflet, as we did last year, and here it is:

Re- generation! Make our future feminist!

Where: First Fleet Park

When: Midday – March 10

Join us on facebook

This International Women’s Day join us for a community picnic, live music and world-changing chatter. Last year was 100th Anniversary, so let’s look forward this year! Meet some fabulous young women and hear their views.

There will be fantastic feminists to chat to.

There will be lots of feminist organizations to find out about.

There will be feminists working for a world where there is creative stuff, fun and fairness for all

There will be information for you to gather and spaces to talk and share ideas.

There will be fabulous female artists.

There will be you.

It’s your world. Start shaping it on IWD 2012.


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