The F Collection: Scarlet Alliance

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

My latest on the F blog is about Scarlet Alliance, the industrial and political organisation for people working in the sex industry.

A teaser:

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Scarlet Alliance was founded in 1989 as the network of state and territory based sex worker organisations. Sex worker organising has a proud history in Australia. In the 1980s sex workers were at the front line of HIV AIDS prevention.

Scarlet has fought for the decriminalisation of sex work in Australia, and they have been successful in NSW and the ACT.

This goal has not yet been achieved in the other states and territories. In these states and territories, laws on sex work are varied but include criminalisation of street-based sex work in most states and criminalisation of brothels in Tasmania.

Elena Jeffreys, sex worker and executive member of Scarlet Alliance, says:

If we or our businesses or our clients are criminalised, then we face ridiculous barriers to basic human rights. Sex workers know that decriminalisation of our workplaces is the best way to ensure that we have industrial protections at work! And this includes migrant sex workers! Scarlet Alliance doesn’t support the harsh criminalisation of migrant sex workers’ work conditions; instead we believe that migrant sex workers should be able to access industrial and civil protections, just like any other worker in Australia.


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